第一次出發,原本是打算影銀河的,可惜拍攝當日霞氣封天,只有幾粒高等星在晚空中隱約而見,主角不見了,惟有改拍橋與海浪。他們是一對含蓄而又不失浪漫的準新人,拍攝前的幾天,他們在街上聽一隊街頭樂隊表演,樂隊正奏着一首又一首的經典名曲:Stairway to Heaven, Lemon Tree…。我也在旁看着,沒多久,Langa悄悄的拿過了麥克風,說要為Donna唱一首歌,那首歌名為《天下無雙》。「若問世界誰無雙,會令昨天明天也閃亮..」Donna在一旁默默地聽着,嘴上吐着不能相信的話,我知道,她是很感動的,到於現場的眾人,我,也都沉醉在這浪漫的氛圍中,直到曲終。事有湊巧,前幾天我在構思這個計劃的時侯,也想起這首歌。找上他們作為美麗故事的開端,就實在最好不過了。

由於她倆快要搬家,就邀請我到她倆這個愛情小窩居先拍攝一下。雖然Donna一直說家裏很凌亂,那時侯我說越亂越好,亂可以激發創意呢。事後發現其實並沒有想像中亂,反而充滿了各種別緻的小裝飾,星空牆紙,一屋公仔﹣熊呀,雞呀,什麼都有。由於我來之前已知道屋子不大,未必會有太多空間發揮,所以心裏就一直想着不如用高角度來制造多一點的空間感。當我看見他們藍色小沙發,心裏都不知有多高興。經過一大輪的執執拾拾,就有了那張「反地心吸力之歌」。我是從Langa的文章中讀到Langa向Donna求婚的經過,想像在百多人見證下向心儀的人高歌一曲,這份勇氣實是可加;而在這個連地心吸力都要改變的地方,Langa一直為倚偎在他身旁的Donna高歌着﹣那繞樑三日的歌聲,真是一聽難忘(不是我,是Donna! XD) 。

❤ 記於七月十八日,陰雨連綿。

I knew Donna and Langa long before the creation of this project. They are getting married recently. I invited them to be my first couple of my project. Langa is a humorous lawyer; and Donna is a teacher, with an artistic temperament.

Our first trip was decided to do something with the milky way. The day was foggy, as we can only faintly see the brightest star in the sky, let alone our expected lump of star that night. Eventually, I decided to take the love bridge and the wave. They are implicit, and yet romantic enough to impress the other. Few days ago, they were listening a random band performance on the street. The band was playing the classics one by one: Stairway to the Heaven, Lemon Tree…. I was also enjoying a lot with all those touching tunes. While we are still feasting with the music, Langa softly went to the stage and picked up the microphone. Oh! He was going to sing a song for Donna, and the song is called “Duet”(Chinese song). Donna listened. She just mumbled this unbelievable gift. I knew, she was more than impressed by this amazing surprise; and so were we all feeling happy for them. We were all enjoying this sweet moment until the sound of song faded out. It was such a coincident that I just thought of this song too when I was writing my project details few days ago. Nothing can be better than Having them as my first story couple! 🙂

They invited me to take a few shots of their old flat before they moved out of it. Although Donna kept saying that the flat was messy, I told her that the messier the better as it can drive more creativity. It wasn’t that chaotic. In fact, it is a flat with all the adorable decorations e.g. starry night wallpaper, dolls, lot of dolls, like every type of animal. The flat was not big so I tried to take some shots from a higher angle. I was thrilled to see their blue sofa. After a while, we set up the scene and that’s why we had this shot: Anti-gravity song. I read Langa’s article to know that how Langa proposed to Donna – singing to his love in front of a hundred of people took really some courage and now Langa could even take over the gravity! Donna enjoyed every moment of his singing.We also planned to visit the Hong Kong Railway Museum but it was canceled due to heavy rain and storm. That’s why we have a few shots in the rain. It was still romantic, huh?

❤ Written on 18 Jan,Cloudy。